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This is my personal blog. In this blog you will follow my life, I will try to post interesting things that will happen to me. I'm glad to see you here ;) Thanks. And, yes, ofcourse please forgive me my english, 'cause I have not learned it anywhere :)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Recently I decided to make some cocktails. I had Becherovka and Absinthe and my friends had Bailey's and Kahlua. I decided to make B-56 and B-Cola.

We need a glass which is used for Tequila.
Here is recipe of B-56:
25 ml of Kahlua
15 ml of Baileys'
10 ml of Absinthe

First of all we need to pour Kahlua. Then hold a tea spoon on the glass and carefully pour the Bailey's. Then without removing the spoon pour the Absinthe.

Here is my result:

Let's make a B-Cola. We need a glass with a volume of 250-300 ml.
Here is the recipe:
40 ml of Becherovka

We need 2 slices of lemon. Then slice one piece on 4 parts. Put these parts in glass and fill with ice. Then pour 40 ml of Becherovka in glass and fill with Coca-Cola. Then put another slice on the frame of glass. That's it! ;)

Here is my result:

These cocktails were my firsts. Thanks for attention. Hope you liked them as I did.